Your Prior Rental History

5 Tips to Protect Your Rental History Report

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You never know how important it is to have a good rental history report until not-so-positive reports begin showing up on your personal background check. When bad news shows up, you may find landlords are no longer interested in renting to you.

Potential tenants should check their rental history report before they start the process of applying for apartments or rental homes. Reports can contain errors, leading landlords to move on to other potential tenants who have a better rental history. To protect your rental history report information, always make certain the information appearing in the report is correct.

Here are five other tips to protect the information on your rental history report:

1. Pay rent in full and on time – always.
2. Don’t break any rules written in the lease contract.
3. Stay out of criminal trouble.
4. Maintain a good credit score.
5. Handle any conflicts with the landlord with respect and by following the law.

If a landlord doesn’t have any reason to report negative information about you as a tenant, it will help keep your rental history report looking good.

Find out what’s on your rental history report today, before you apply for your next apartment or rental home.