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Past Address Search
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Have you moved around a lot in the last few years? See what a landlord will see when they check past address history…


The average person moves every 2.3 years. That’s a lot of moving. While you will surely remember the house you spent your childhood in, you probably don’t remember the exact address and zip of your apartment, if you’ve moved around.

It might be hard for you to remember exactly where you lived years’ back, but your next landlord will be able tell in a matter of seconds with an online report similar to the one that we provide you.

Nowadays with the internet, almost every landlord will pull your previous address history to determine how often you’ve moved in recent years.  Moving around a lot is not an issue, of course, but if you have delinquent rental payments or a low credit score, the landlord might use all these factors in determining whether they want to rent to you!

And, this is key…knowing your complete rental history profile, including, prior addresses, allows you to determine what places to apply to and how to engage with the prospective landlord.

Did you know approximately 40+ million people move annually?


tick-circle-2  59% of people move within the same county.

tick-circle-2  19% move within the same state, but different county.

tick-circle-2  19% move to a different state.

tick-circle-2  3% move to a different country.