Nationwide Criminal Search
Nationwide Criminal Search
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Rental history reports provide landlords with a lot of background information about applicants, including criminal history.


A misdemeanor or a felony appearing on your criminal history report can certainly cause a potential landlord to reconsider you as a future tenant. It all boils down to the circumstances behind your criminal background, and the competition you might be facing to acquire the apartment or rental house. If your conviction was for a situation that could make a landlord think twice about renting to you, be sure to address the topic first, letting the landlord know you’ve paid your dues for the crime, and highlight the length of time your record has been clean since the incident.

Landlords order the following products on rental history reports to screen applicants, so be sure to check your own rental history report to determine if the information presented about you is accurate. If it is incorrect, let us help you take action immediately so you can have it corrected before you apply.

Our Criminal History Searches Include:


tick-circle-2  Nationwide Criminal SuperScan – performs a multi-state criminal search. Results can include statewide convictions, arrests, court records, and inmate records from a variety of sources including the Department of Corrections. Records are continually expanding and building this national database on a daily basis.


tick-circle-2  National Sex Offender Search – checks sex offender registries from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Many landlords use this feature to screen renters so make sure your name isn’t mistakenly on the list.


tick-circle-2  OFAC Terrorist & Drug Trafficker Alert Search – The Office of Foreign Assets Control tracks international narcotics traffickers, meaning those who create, transport and distribute illegal drugs into the United States. This is very important to landlords as it is against the law to rent to someone on this list, as they are deemed a potential threat to national security.