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You Need to Know Your Rental History BEFORE You Start Your Apartment Search

Whenever you apply to rent a property, prospective landlords access a wide variety of sources to find and verify your personal information. Landlords Trace Your Rental History and Other Personal Information.

We can show you the following and more!
  • Rental History and Eviction Records
  • Social Security Details
  • Nationwide Criminal Record
  • Number of Rental Inquiries and Applications
  • Credit Report and Score
  • Judgments & Non-Judgment for Rent
This is a one-time charge and there are NO monthly fees!
What's In Your Rental & Eviction History Report

The Dashboard is the main hub where you get a quick snapshot of your rental and eviction history. You’ll see it displayed in four different sections and a unique score for each: Home & Rental History, Eviction History, Criminal History, and Credit History. You can also navigate from here to the detailed section reports.

Home & Address History
It might be hard for you to remember exactly where you lived going back through time, especially if you moved a lot in your younger years. Still, you’re expected to give complete information. Your next landlord will be able to see errors and omissions in a matter of seconds with an online report similar to the one that we provide you. Be prepared before you complete your next rental application.
Eviction History
Any court eviction records (i.e. unlawful detainers) found under your name are listed under this section. They show any entered judgments, but they don’t tell your side of the facts. Seeing exactly what the landlord sees about your eviction history, however, can prepare you to recall dates and circumstances so you can tell your story in the best light.
Criminal History
Any misdemeanor or felony appearing on your criminal history report will be displayed here, showing results of searches from thousands of U.S. jurisdictions. If you find information that needs to be corrected, updated or challenged, this gives you the chance to explain any circumstances that might be viewed negatively by a landlord.
Credit History
More than anything else in your past, landlords care a lot about your credit history. The credit history reports included with our package are considered “soft” checks, meaning they won’t affect your credit score. You’ll see a full display of all your past borrowing and consumer credit history in this section of your report, including a summary of outstanding debt as well as account details.

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*Prices are based on an average individual report cost from other background screening companies.