Court Eviction Search

Knowing what information is held on your court eviction record history will help you tremendously, because you will know in advance what parts of your history you might need to explain to a new landlord, and whether you may need to fund an extra amount for a larger-than-normal deposit on the unit you intend to rent. Worst case, you might not even know that you have an eviction and get denied for your next apartment.

Nationwide Criminal Search

More and more landlords are conducting criminal background searches to see if you have misdemeanors or felonies on your record. Landlords get very skitish when it comes to your criminal past regardless of whether you have a reckless driving on your record or something more serious. Also, it's important for you to know what is and isn't still on your criminal record, especially if it's something from your past you thought was expunged.

Past Address Search

How many times have you moved in the last 5 or 10 years. Is it important? Absolutely. Landlords look at how many times you've moved over the years to predict how long you might reside in your next apartment. If you've moved every 6 months, a landlord may look at that skeptically. It might not, on it's owns disqualify you, but it certainly is a marker.

Credit Report & Score

Why do landlords and property managers check your credit? Everybody knows that you pay your rent pretty much before anything else if there’s a choice, right? Your landlord isn’t just looking to see if your Visa bill is delinquent, or if you owe a hospital bill or something of that nature. What they’re looking for are indicators that determine how risky it is to rent to you.