Credit History & Score
Credit History & Score
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Ordering your own background report will NOT affect your credit score!


More and more landlords are conducting background checks on potential renters, especially since online background screening services have made it easy and affordable for them to do so. Most of these services include a credit check on renters. So getting your credit in order is one way to make a good impression on landlords.

If you haven’t seen a credit report in a while, it’s worth noting that it’s one of the things you receive when you order a report from My Rental History Report. Here you can also see your rental payment history, eviction records and criminal history, allowing you access to the same type of information landlords will see. It never hurts to make sure everything that could appear on a rental background check is accurate.

Credit Report sections include:


tick-circle-2  Instant online access to your easy-to-read credit report with credit score from a national credit reporting bureau.


tick-circle-2 Includes information on outstanding credit accounts, payments that are past due, tax liens and prior bankruptcies.


tick-circle-2  Find out if landlords would view you as a financial risk and determine the likelihood that they will rent to you.


tick-circle-2  Verify the accuracy of your credit and learn how to fix errors before they become a problem.


tick-circle-2  See how your score compares with the scores of your friends & neighbors.