Eviction Notices

How to Overcome Past Eviction or Foreclosure

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Millions of Americans, in one form or another, faced eviction from their homes as a result of the housing industry’s collapse. While home prices have now stabilized in many parts of the country, the credit reports and rental histories of those caught in the bubble burst has not. If you’ve been evicted, foreclosed on, or simply have […]

How to Prevent an Eviction By Your Landlord

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For some tenants, the threat of eviction is an everyday occurrence. And for others, it’s the last thought on their minds. How is this possible? It’s because the second party knows how to avoid potential eviction. Here are some tips to ensure your landlord won’t evict you: * Pay your rent on time. And make […]

How to Fight an Eviction You Think Is Wrong

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If you receive a legal or official notice of eviction, make certain that the notice contains accurate information. It’s important to do some research to confirm that the notice is in accordance with the law in notifying you of your upcoming eviction. This is especially important because you’ll need to know how to fight an […]