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How to Overcome Past Eviction or Foreclosure

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How to Overcome Past Eviction or Foreclosure

Millions of Americans, in one form or another, faced eviction from their homes as a result of the housing industry’s collapse. While home prices have now stabilized in many parts of the country, the credit reports and rental histories of those caught in the bubble burst has not.

An eviction or foreclosure doesn't mean your chances of renting are ruined.

An eviction or foreclosure doesn’t mean your chances of renting are ruined.

If you’ve been evicted, foreclosed on, or simply have struggled trying to keep your rent current during the last 10 years, finding a new apartment or rental property may be complicated.

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With more than a decade in business, will help you better identify and address the issues likely to raise a red flag with potential landlords.

Evictions occur due to a variety of reasons. Whether due to an illness, job loss or death in the family, an eviction or foreclosure does not mean you’re automatically disqualified from renting again. Repairing your history and beginning a new chapter in your rental report begins today.

Partnering with will unlock access to the same information a landlord will use to determine your rental eligibilty. Own your past. Explaining why negative entries appear on your rental history—and providing corresponding documentation or other supporting materials whenever possible—is often enough to qualify for most leases.

Establishing a successful renting history and repairing your credit report go hand-in-hand. Finding a stable home and paying your rent on time each month is a key building block. Millions of Americans have successfully recovered from an eviction or foreclosure, and you can be the next.

Remember: you’re not alone. Let help you recover from an eviction or foreclosure and find a safe, clean rental property for you and your family.