Bad Rental History

How a Bad Rental History Can Keep You from Getting Your Kids into Good Schools

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Every parent wants their child to get the best education possible and this means finding a good school district to live in. If your family prefers to rent versus own, you may discover that a bad rental history can keep you from getting your kids into a good school.

What does bad rental history mean?

Bad credit, a history of landlord disputes, eviction records or a criminal record all can be considered elements for a bad rental history report. When applying to rent an apartment or home in a good school district, landlords will conduct a background check and if anything negative appears on that rental history report, they may skip over your application for a better-qualified candidate.

How can I fix my bad rental history report?

Purchase a copy of your rental history report to review the information. If anything is inaccurate, take measures to get the information corrected immediately. If something does show up on the report that might make you a less-favorable candidate, explain the issue to potential landlords and determine whether or not it’s worth your time to fill out an application. Potential landlords will also likely value your honesty about your rental history, as opposed to learning something surprising when they conduct a background check.

Know what’s on your rental history report before trying to apply for a rental unit in a good school district.