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Ensure a Past Landlord Doesn’t Jeopardize Your Rental History

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Ensure a Past Landlord Doesn’t Jeopardize Your Rental History

Your rental history may include a landlord you’d like to forget. But as you look for a new place, be aware that a lingering dispute with that landlord could jeopardize your new rental opportunity. If a previous landlord has put negative information in your rental history report, it’s best to try and resolve the situation so the marks on your report are mitigated or even removed. Keep the following tips in mind as you work with your previous landlord.

* Keep a cool head. You and your previous landlord probably didn’t part on the best of terms and damage to property, eviction or money owed heightens the tension. Remember to keep a level head in all discussions with or about your previous landlord. If you are calm and willing to listen your previous landlord is more likely to do the same.

* Know the law. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to renter’s rights. Rights differ from state to state so make sure to research appropriately. Your previous landlord may assume your lack of knowledge and try to take advantage of that.

* Hire a mediator. If you’ve met with your previous landlord and couldn’t reach an agreement , it might be time to hire a mediator. A third party may offer ideas you didn’t think of and you both may be more open to the opinion of a stranger.

* Seek legal advice. If you feel you’ve tried everything and you still haven’t been able to resolve the situation, it may be time to consult a lawyer. It is possible that a discussion between your lawyers may broker a resolution. Otherwise, your lawyer may recommend that you pursue arbitration, small claims court or even litigation.

Settling a disagreement with a previous landlord can be an unpleasant experience, but you will never resolve the issue by ignoring it. If you have a previous incident on your rental history report, work to resolve it. You will be better off in the long run.