Your Criminal History & Renting

What a Rental History Report Shows About Your Criminal History

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What a Rental History Report Shows About Your Criminal History

Rental history reports provide landlords with tons of background information about applicants, including criminal history. These reports include everything from your rental payment history. And if you have any legal history involving drugs, your rental history report will show this information as well.

Rental history reports can show drug offenses in two locations, the criminal record and also the OFAC Terrorist and Drug Trafficker Alert Search. More details about both are below:

* Criminal record – if you have had any legal proceedings connecting you with a drug crime of any sort, it will appear under your criminal record. This can include anything from a misdemeanor for possession of marijuana to a felony for selling drugs on the street, depending on the laws in the state where you live.

* OFAC Terrorist and Drug Trafficker Alert Search – The Office of Foreign Assets Control tracks international narcotics traffickers, meaning those who create, transport and distribute illegal drugs into the United States. It is against the law for landlords to rent to a person who is named on this list, as they are deemed a potential threat to national security.

Landlords use both of these features on rental history reports to screen applicants, so be sure to check your own rental history report to determine if the information presented about you is accurate. If it is incorrect, take action immediately so you can have it corrected prior to applying for a rental unit.