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What Does the Sex Offender Box on a Rental History Report Show?

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What Does the Sex Offender Box on a Rental History Report Show?

Renters with a sex offender history showing up on their rental history report may find difficulty in getting their application accepted for rental of an apartment or house. Landlords often use the sex offender box information to screen applicants.

So what information appears in the sex offender box on a rental history report? When a landlord conducts a nationwide sex offender, that report will list all registries for a person in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The search will be conducted by name and Social Security number.

The box will list the offense, the state it occurred in, the date of the offense and any notes that might pertain to the case. For example, it might list if the offender has complied with all punishments, if he or she must stay away from children or if the person is a repeat offender.

Renters who don’t have any history as a sex offender need to be aware that mistakes can happen with record keeping. If they have a common name, or a Social Security number that is similar to another person with a criminal history, there is a chance for mistaken identity.


If you’re applying for a rental apartment or house, take the time now to review your rental history report so you can check it for incorrect information. If you do find errors, be sure to take action immediately to get those resolved, so you can present your best history when submitting your next application.