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What can I do if I have a problem with a neighbor when I’m renting?

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When it comes to good renting environments, often it’s the neighbors who contribute to the positive environment. Unfortunately, sometimes a good rental home is quickly downgraded by troublesome neighbors.

What can a renter do when he or she has a problem with a neighbor?

  • Contact the neighbor. If your complaint is a reasonable request, consider knocking on your neighbor’s door to ask for a change. Loud noises late at night, property left in public spaces and even strong smells coming from a unit are all problems that might be resolvable with a discussion.
  • Contact the landlord or management company. If you’re living in an apartment complex, the management company might have a “three strikes and you’re out” policy built into leasing contracts. However, landlords might need the complaint verified with a law enforcement visit to the unit occupied by the troublesome neighbors.
  • Contact the police. Any sort of illegal or disruption-of-the-peace activities might constitute the need to contact law enforcement and ask them to stop by the neighbor’s home. Make calling law enforcement a last-ditch effort, and only call at times when officers are able to witness the neighbor’s behavior about which you are complaining.

If you live in an apartment complex, you may be able to convince your landlord that your neighbor is not a good fit for the community, and has broken enough rules of the lease to qualify for eviction. But if you are living in a rental home, discussing the problem with your neighbor – who may own his home – is a better solution. And in either case, if you aren’t able to resolve the problem, you always have the option of seeking out a new rental home.

Before you take the final step of renting your new home, make sure you get a copy of your rental history report.