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My Rental History Will Stay with Me for Life: Myth or Fact?

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People who plan to be life-long renters, or decide to return to the renting world in later life because they want an easier living arrangement, might be interested in knowing how long their rental history will be active. The question of if a rental history will stay with a person for life is both a myth and a fact. Here’s why:


Fact – Everyone who has rented in the United States should have a rental history report. This report includes credit information, a background check of eviction records and criminal history, and a rental payment history.


Myth – The information reported on your rental history report for today will not always be there. Many states have expirations on different records – like eviction records – and therefore after time, this information will drop off a report. In addition, renters with bad credit scores – who take action to improve those scores – will also see the information updated in a rental history report. Finally, a court order by a judge can also have information removed from a rental history report.


It’s always a good idea to check out your rental history report prior to applying to rent an apartment or home, just to make certain the information is accurate. If it isn’t, take action immediately to get the report corrected, providing you with a stronger application for that apartment.