Checking Your Rental History

Will Bankruptcy Affect My Rental History?

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Bankruptcy can happen to anyone. It can be the result of poor financial choices or unexpected expenses like medical or legal bills. And bankruptcy could affect your chances of having your application for a rental property approved. Landlords are in the business to make money. They expect tenants to pay rent in full and on […]

Can I Rent with No Rental History?

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When applicants apply to rent an apartment or home, the landlord often will conduct a rental history check to determine if the candidate has had any troubles with renting, or has had legal issues. However, some people, like young students and newcomers to the country, don’t have any history that can show up on a […]

Have a Common Name? Check Your Rental History Report for Mistakes

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Bob Smith? Chris Jones? Mary Anderson? Common names allow people to blend into the anonymity of data reported on the Internet very easily. But having a common name could also easily lead to incorrect information reported on background checks. And sometimes incorrect information can turn into negative information. Human error happens all the time, and […]