Checking Your Rental History

Can I Rent with No Rental History?

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When applicants apply to rent an apartment or home, the landlord often will conduct a rental history check to determine if the candidate has had any troubles with renting, or has had legal issues. However, some people, like young students and newcomers to the country, don’t have any history that can show up on a rental history report.

The good news is that people can still rent with no rental history – because it showcases that you haven’t been in trouble with the law, or have never been evicted from an apartment. However, you may not qualify for the top choice in rental locations, or may need to provide other types of references to encourage a landlord to establish a rental agreement. Some helpful tips:

* If in college, provide proof of enrollment – Landlords of apartments near universities are familiar with renting to students. Also consider providing a copy of your current transcript, highlighting that you are a good student, and a good rental candidate.

* Bring proof of employment – Ask your employer to provide you with proof of your income, showing the landlord you can afford monthly rent payments for the property.

* Provide a letter of recommendation – Newcomers to the country often are sponsored by an organization or other family members. Ask this organization to provide you with a letter of recommendation, showing a potential landlord you have connections in the community.

Once you are approved for a rental unit, know that you will start developing a rental history report. Be sure to pay your rent on time and in full, and follow all the rules established in the lease agreement so that your rental history report only has good information to report about you.