Bad Rental History

What comprises a bad rental history report?

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What comprises a bad rental history report?

If you’ve rented an apartment or home, carried a credit balance, or had any run-ins with the law, chances are good that you have a bad rental history report. Landlords reviewing applicants for a rental unit will often look up the applicant’s rental history report to discover the good and bad habits of the applicant.

If you are planning on renting in the future, you don’t want bad information showing up on your rental history report, because it could limit your chances of finding a good rental in a good neighborhood with a good landlord. So what comprises a bad rental history report?

* Legal postings – If you’ve been in trouble with the law, it will show up in your criminal history. Landlords will especially look for any charges that deem you a threat to U.S. national security, as it is illegal for them to rent to someone named on the Global Alert Database.

* Bad credit history – A copy of your credit report appears with your rental history report, and if it shows that you are not good at paying your bills on time or in full, this could indicate to the landlord what kind of renter you’ll be.

* Eviction records – When a landlord evicts a tenant, that information is often added to the tenant’s rental history report. A landlord will be less willing to rent to someone who has been evicted before.

* Rental payment history – Landlords will be suspicious of applicants who show poor rental payment history in their rental history report. If you have missing payments, late payments, or if the landlord “writes off” a payment, this is an indicator that you will follow the same pattern with future landlords. This section of the report also shows if the previous landlord has used a collection company to try and obtain funds from you.