Bad Rental History

Bad Rental History ? How You Can Still Rent…

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Bad Rental History ? How You Can Still Rent…

If you need to move, or are facing an eviction, you are probably thinking about the next home you’re going to live in. If it’s going to be a rental home, you might want to review your rental history report to see what kind of information it contains. Even if you have a bad rental history you still can rent.

Of course, an eviction will be a negative mark on your rental history report, which could limit how many landlords may be willing to accept you as a future tenant. So how do you rent with a bad rental history?

1. Make certain the information is correct. If it isn’t, take action immediately to report and correct the information so it helps you to look like a better rental candidate.

2. Seek out apartment complexes where landlords don’t conduct a background check. Note, often these apartment complexes are not the most desirable living locations, or have lower quality accommodations.

3. Tell your side. Share your background information first, before they have a chance to conduct the background check, and provide your story, if you think it will help sway the landlord to accept you as a renter.

4. Keep your record clean. As time passes, your record will be cleared of past negative marks, and you can highlight how long you’ve been keeping a good profile, showing that you should be considered a good rental candidate.

Always review your rental history report before you apply for a new apartment or rental home. Knowing what information is portrayed in the report will help you better negotiate with the landlord and encourage them to rent to you.