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How the Rental Payment History is Broken Down on Your Report

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How the Rental Payment History is Broken Down on Your Report

A rental history report provides a lot of detailed information about you, and it shows landlords exactly what kind of renter you have been. Your rental payment history is a key factor for prospective landlords.

One very important section of the rental history report you should review before applying to rent an apartment or a house is the Rent Bureau Rental Payment History section. This section shows several things:

  1. Your rent payment history – Previous landlords can report each month if you’ve paid your rent, if the payment was late, and if the payment was the full amount due. It also shows if previous landlords have written off any non-rental payments as a loss. Landlords are going to assume your rental payment behaviors continue along the same path as your previous behaviors, and make a determination based on that if they think you’re a risk.
  2. Collection history – If you were, or still are, being pursued by a collection agency, this will also appear under this section of your rental history report. The report will say who the agency is, what the status is and the amount of money the collection agency is looking to collect.

This section also provides a tracking history of how long you stay at a rental property and gives contact information for your previous landlords.

Before applying for your next rental property, be sure to purchase your rental history report first, so you can make certain the data being reported is correct. If it isn’t, take action immediately to get it fixed so the information presented puts you in the best light possible.