Your Criminal History & Renting

Steps to Take While Renting with a Criminal Record

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Steps to Take While Renting with a Criminal Record

If a potential landlord does a background check on you, any criminal records will come to light. This can make it difficult to find places willing to rent to you, even if you’ve already paid for your mistake to the full extent of the law.

You can take steps to find an apartment, and get your rental history report in better shape.

  • Stay out of trouble with the law. If you’re on parole, be the best parolee you can be. Work with your parole officer on finding a good rental place, and hopefully he or she will put in a good word for you with the landlord.
  • Pay all your bills on time, including your rent. A good and strong credit score will help put a positive spin on criminal blemishes. If a potential landlord is looking for a good income, your history of paying bills on time will make you a good candidate.
  • If you attend church, speak with a minister about your interest in renting an apartment. Ministers often are very connected with the community, and may know of options available to you.
  • The passing of time will help, so even if you’re in a renting situation you’d like to leave, it might be smart to stick with it for a period of time to help build up a good report on both your credit history and your rental history.
  • Make certain what does appear on your rental history report is accurate. Incorrect information could hurt your renting opportunities more than a criminal record. Take action to fix any errors.