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What to Know About Renting in Colorado

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What to Know About Renting in Colorado

Whether you’re moving to the Centennial State or changing locations within Colorado, it’s easy to find websites to help with your move.

However, one detail these sites don’t discuss is a reminder for Colorado renters to check their own rental history report prior to applying for rental housing. It’s recommended anyone who intends to rent do this first, to make certain the report contains accurate information and that the information presented is positive. Landlords will do their own background check on applicants, so you will want to make certain your information is presented in the best light possible. If you find errors on your report in your credit history or eviction record, take action immediately to correct those errors.

Once you’ve reviewed your rental history reports, you can use sites like, which provides plenty of resources for homeowners and renters moving to a new home in the state of Colorado. For example, the renter checklist and moving costs calculator links on the site are very beneficial, as these resources provide information not always top-of-mind when it comes to moving into a new rental. The calculator reminds a renter to add up all the costs – from application fees to cleaning costs – and include the price for all service deposits that need to be made. And the checklist is something renters will want to use when comparing properties, so they can find the perfect future home.

Colorado attracts a lot of attention for prospective renters. This is in part due to the beautiful landscapes found throughout the state as well as a stronger economy. This means applicants will need to work harder to get the rental properties at the top of their list. Save yourself time and effort using the moving costs calculator and renter checklist to carefully narrow down your search of properties to ones you can afford and that meet all of your qualifications.