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Resources for Renters in Texas

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Resources for Renters in Texas

If you’re looking for an apartment to rent in the Lone Star State, be sure to check out the resources found with the Texas Apartment Association. This association has everything first-time renters need to know before looking for a new apartment or signing a lease agreement so the process runs smoothly.

For example, lease agreements cover a lot of information, and it can be difficult to keep everything straight, especially if you are a first-time renter. After a Renting 101 class and a video, you’ll know what to look for in agreements, and better protect yourself when it comes time to sign the agreement.

The TAA recommends renters be prepared before looking for a new apartment or signing a lease. Renters are advised to check their credit report from one of the three reporting credit companies and clear up any mistakes or errors that might be found on the report. One way to get your credit report and to review your rental history is through My Rental History Report. This way you can see what your potential future landlord will see when they do a background check on you upon receiving your application.

Once you find an apartment and apply for it, be sure to read all the information found in the lease and carefully look over the apartment for any damage prior to signing on the dotted line. Take a camera to document any damage, and make a note of it with the landlord present so you won’t be held responsible when you decide to move out.

Landlords and management companies also use the TAA for similar resources about changes in Texas and federal laws regarding renting and supporting legislation making rental properties safe and secure.