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More People Moving to Texas & Renting

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More People Moving to Texas & Renting

Texas is drawing residents like honey attracts bees. Some of the reasons people decide to move to the Lone Star State include not paying state income taxes, lower cost of living and, of course, warmer temperatures.

Because residents don’t pay state income taxes, property taxes tend to be higher for Texans. This is why many residents choose to rent, rather than own.

Texas has some of the top rental markets in the United States. Arlington is a smaller community between Dallas and Fort Worth, and was named by Business Insider as one of the top 12 rental markets in the country. Further to the south, Austin also made the same list.

For cost of living ratios, Texas is one of the top states to live in. For example, Arlington and McAllen made the MSN Real Estate list for top five cities with the lowest cost of living. In these communities, groceries, transportation and health care costs are all lower than the national average, although residents do tend to pay higher utility costs due to the need for air conditioning.

The weather might the biggest draw for people moving to Texas. The state does not receive a lot of snow – only 17 inches a year on average for Amarillo in the western part of the state and less everywhere else – and average temperatures are in the 60s and 70s.

Because the Lone Star State is attracting a lot of new people, and renting is a top option for many new residents, there might be a demand for the best rental properties available. Applicants should make certain their rental history report is accurate and take action immediately to correct any errors before applying for an apartment.