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What Should I Do If I Have a Problem with a Landlord When Renting?

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What Should I Do If I Have a Problem with a Landlord When Renting?

Tenants living in a larger apartment complex might see a turnover in landlord managers during the duration of their lease. This is because management companies often oversee the complex, and assign an employee of the company to landlord duties. Because of this turnover, a renter might deal with one person when applying for and signing the lease, but then may have another landlord come in halfway through the lease terms.

So what happens if you have a problem with the new landlord – something that has occurred since you signed the lease agreement? Well, depending on what the problem is, you may have actions you can take.

* Landlord isn’t honoring commitments detailed in the lease agreement – That agreement is a contract between you as the tenant and your apartment complex. If your landlord is employed by a management company, you can contact the company with a complaint about your contract not being honored. You should provide documentation supporting your complaint including copies of letters you’ve sent to the landlord with your request and responses. If the management company doesn’t respond, you can also pursue legal action against the landlord and the management company.

* Landlord is unfairly harassing you – Harassment is a very broad term. If the harassment is sexual or discriminatory in nature, contact both the management company and law enforcement or a lawyer about your complaint. However, if you are dealing more with a clash of personalities, you have really only three options. Deal with it, stick it out until your lease term ends and you can find a new place to live, or break your lease agreement. Keep in mind if you break your lease, your landlord can report this and it may be reflected on your rental history, which may make your application for future rental units less desirable.

If you are having problems with a landlord, search the fair housing and harassment laws in your state to learn what legal actions are accessible to you for your situation. Also visit the Fair Housing Act website to learn more about the federal laws.

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