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Low Stress Moving: Introducing Your New Teammate

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Low Stress Moving: Introducing Your New Teammate

Anyone who has packed up everything they own and hauled it across town, across the state or across the country knows that moving stress can be overwhelming. In fact, one study ranked moving the No. 3 most stressful activity a human can undertake, just behind divorce and death.

happy-couple-movingCable must be cancelled, mail re-routed, neighbors to bid adieu and there’s a couch you can’t bear to leave behind but are convinced will never fit through the front door again. On top of all that, there’s the daunting task of launching your search for a new home.

Who has the time and patience? Certainly not you.

Luckily the experienced team at are here to help. They won’t cancel your cable or be able to help get that stubborn couch into the moving truck, but they can provide some much needed technical support and direction throughout your move.

Take a breath and slow down. Go for a run or pour a glass of wine. Prioritize your tasks and check off one at a time. Topping your to do list should be navigating your browser to The site is designated a secure portal by, and the company’s decade of industry experience has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

So what do you get and how does it help?

For starters, you’re partnering with a team of experienced professionals who specialize in providing customers with a complete, 360-degree rental profile. Your personalized data package includes a complete credit report with score, a comprehensive search of criminal databases and a wealth of other personal data ranging from eviction records to rental history.

Arming yourself with this information will unlock access to the same set of data landlords will use to determine your rental eligibility and give you a starting point from which to launch your search for a new apartment or townhome.

Most experts advise Americans to regularly check their credit report and criminal history to ensure security and accuracy. In addition, will provide you the tools to challenge erroneous entries on your rental profile and offer guidance on how to begin the process.

While moving can be a source of great stress for you and your family, the team at views easing anxiety and worry as a primary mission in their quest to match renters with rental properties. Sign up and become another satisfied customer.