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What is a Good Rental History Report?

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What is a Good Rental History Report?

Bad rental history reports are a frequent topic of conversation, but what makes for a good rental history report?

Rental history reports contain a lot of information. Some of it is just identifying data, like your name, Social Security number, address, previous addresses, driver’s license number, etc. Making certain this information appears correctly on your report is a good start to having a good report.

Other information appears based on your historical actions. The OFAC Terrorist and Drug Trafficker Alert Search pulls any information that has you on National Security threat lists. It is against the law for landlords to rent to someone on these lists. If this information appears blank on your rental history report, you’re good to go.

Also featured is the background check, which can show convictions, arrests, court records and inmate records from multiple states. Again, if this information is blank, it shows a landlord you have not had any legal trouble in the past, which is good.

Finally, a third area of the report you hope is blank is the sex offender record, which searches all 50 states’ sex offender registries. Double check your report that it accurately represents your information, because many landlords use this information to screen applicants.

Other areas of your rental report include your prior rental history information, including your history of making rent payments and if you have ever been evicted in the past. A good rental history report will have records of your payments made on time for every month you rented, as well as no records of eviction.

The final area of your rental history report is your credit report. Having a good credit report will help make your rental history report look good.