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Know How a Credit Score Affects Your Apartment Search, Lease Terms

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Know How a Credit Score Affects Your Apartment Search, Lease Terms

Ask most landlords what factor is most important when determining rental eligibility, and they’ll likely all respond with the same two words: credit score.

A credit score allows landlords to examine a seven-year snapshot of a potential renter’s life, and some large-scale commercial leasing companies exclusively use analysis of a credit report as a determining factor in establishing terms, deciding campus qualification and whether or not to even offer a lease.

Most online companies charge fees between $credit-report10 and $20 to retrieve your credit score, and exactly what a customer receives—as well as its accuracy—can sometimes be sketchy. Partnering with an established, secure company like, however, gives you complete access to your credit report and score as part of a comprehensive package containing a 360-degree profile of your personal rental history.

Since running your own credit report does not affect your score, you can get instant online access to your easy-to-read credit report with credit score. Now you can find out your credit standing before this information is checked by landlords. has an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau, has been declared a verified and secure site by and is E13PA compliant.

In addition, we will provide you tools to help challenge erroneous entries on your credit report, and the company has run more than 1 million reports to date.

Having a few negative entries on your credit report doesn’t mean your chances of landing a dream apartment with fair lease terms are over. Credit scores and reports can be improved with a little time and discipline. Having a friend like the professionals at will help pave the road.