Your Credit Report & Renting

How to Rent an Apartment or House with Bad Credit?

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Having bad credit can affect a lot of things in life, and renting a house or an apartment is one of them. But even though landlords frequently conduct a credit check for renters, it doesn’t mean you need not apply if you have bad credit. It is possible to find a place to rent even […]

My Home was Foreclosed…Can I Rent an Apartment?

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Going through foreclosure is nobody’s idea of a good time. Having to give up the home you worked so hard to afford and keep up can be painful, but it’s important to remember that you’re not the only person who’s had to go through a foreclosure, and that it’s possible to bounce back. For many, […]

I have bad credit: Can I still qualify for an apartment?

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To put it plainly, the effects of having bad credit can be crippling. While bad credit most directly affects your ability to get favorable terms on loans and establish other lines of credit, it can also cost you a shot at getting that apartment you’ve worked so hard to find. But while bad credit can […]