Legal Issues & Renting

7 things that should be included in your rental agreement

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When you’re looking for a house or apartment to rent, you likely ask a lot of questions. Getting the answers to them will help you determine if the property is a good fit for you. What your landlord tells you is important, but nothing matters more than getting your landlord’s responsibilities, as while as yours […]

What Information Can Potential Landlords Legally Ask You For?

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If you’re looking to rent a house or apartment, are there some things that landlords can legally ask you for, and others that are out of bounds. Here are a few examples of what landlords can request, and what they can’t. Landlords can retrieve information about past rental history, criminal records, and conduct a credit […]

My Home was Foreclosed…Can I Rent an Apartment?

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Going through foreclosure is nobody’s idea of a good time. Having to give up the home you worked so hard to afford and keep up can be painful, but it’s important to remember that you’re not the only person who’s had to go through a foreclosure, and that it’s possible to bounce back. For many, […]