Know Before You Rent

What Does Your Landlord Want to Know About You?

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When you’re looking at houses or apartments to rent, you might be compelled to trust your instincts. In addition to weighing more objective facts such as the cost of rent and utilities, and how well the property is kept up, the feelings you get when you view an apartment might influence your decision. Maybe your […]

3 Things to Know Before You Apply for an Apartment

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If you’re an experienced renter, you know the importance of asking the right questions: What utilities does the tenant pay for and what’s the average monthly cost? Who do I contact with maintenance requests? If it’s an issue that concerns you and you want it addressed before you sign a lease, you’re going to ask […]

You Found the Perfect House or Apartment, But There’s a Catch…

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The hunt for the perfect rental property can be intense, especially in times like these where there’s a lot of competition.  You might spend week scouring listings and calling potential landlords as soon as one pops up that fits your needs. If all goes well, you’ll get a look at a place you love and […]