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Check my rental history report today—
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  • See my credit standing with a credit report and score
  • Discover if eviction records appear on my report
  • Check if criminal records show up on my report
  • See my full rental history report today!

We have over 20 years of experience and run more than 1 million reports to date!

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Why My Rental History Report?

For more than 20 years, our company, Rental History Reports, has run over a million background reports. We know what landlords look for in a background check and we're bringing our experience to you, the renter!

Credit Report with Score

Instant online access to your easy-to-read credit report with credit score from a national credit reporting bureau. Find out if landlords would view you as a financial risk. Verify the accuracy of your credit and learn how to fix errors.

Court Eviction

When landlords run background checks on new renters, they often run a court eviction search to see if there are past eviction cases. It is possible to have an eviction record expunged (sealed) so that landlords will not see the record on a background report.

Criminal History

If you're unsure whether prior offenses might show up on your criminal history, My Rental History Report can give you the information you need.

Compare our rental history report price to other background screening company prices...

Consumer Credit Report with Score
X Included $19.95
Court Eviction Search  ? 
X Included $19.95
Nationwide Criminal SuperScan  ? 
X Included $9.95
Nationwide Sex Offender Search  ? 
X Included $9.95
Homeland Security Terrorists Search  ? 
X Included $9.95
*Prices are based on an average individual report cost from other background screening companies.

My Rental History Report Gives You The Tools You Need to Fix Your Rental Background Errors

Check Your Rental History Online Before Landlords Do

Fixing any incorrect information before you file a rental application will help get rid of any issues that may come up during the application process. Rather than waiting for your landlord to discover something that might be seen as negative, you can take the lead by talking it through with your landlord before you fill out an application.

Even if you don't meet your landlord's original renting criteria, you may be able to work out a deal such as an increased deposit that would allow you to rent at your desired location.

Get the Tools to Help You Fix Errors - Icon

Tools to Help You Fix Errors

My Rental History Report helps customers investigate errors on their report. If you are aware of a past issue with your rental, credit or criminal history, My Rental History Report can help you proactively address those issues.

Find Out if You Have an Eviction on Your Record - Icon

Find Out if You Have an Eviction on Your Record

By running your name, address and birthdate through our eviction search, you are able to discover if any eviction records appear. While having an eviction on your record is not ideal, it doesn't mean you have to give up on your rental search. Knowing exactly what's on your rental history and being proactive about it can help.

View Your Credit Report and Score - Icon

View Your Credit Report and Score

Since running your own credit report does not affect your score, you can get instant online access to your easy-to-read credit report with credit score. Now you can find out your credit standing before this information is checked by landlords.

See if Criminal Records Show Up on Your Report - Icon

See if Criminal Records Show Up on Your Report

Find out what criminal records appear on your report with our multi-state criminal search. See if that expunged criminal record has been properly removed.

Save Money - Icon

Save Money

Correct errors on your report before spending time and money filling out and paying for applications that get rejected.