Your Prior Rental History

Why It Pays Off to Solve Past Disputes with Landlords

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If you’ve ever experienced a dispute with your landlord, you’re not the only one. Landlord-tenant disputes can arise from a number of sources, whether it’s the landlord not making necessary repairs or a tenant consistently being delinquent with rent payments.

For those going through disputes with their landlords, it’s always a good idea to do whatever you can to resolve them amicably. Why? When landlords order a background check for renters, your rental history is one component of what they’ll see. A history of evictions, late payments or other disputes will be an immediate red flag for landlords.

Whether it was you or your landlord who was at fault for the dispute is not always of particular concern to potential landlords. When landlords are looking for renters, they would prefer tenants without disputes or evictions on their record.

If you’re at fault…

If a dispute arises and you willingly accept that you are the one to blame, meet with your landlord to determine a workable solution to the problem. If you’re late on rent, try to work out a payment plan to avoid the eviction. If you’ve damaged the property, work on a fair solution to rectify the situation. Most landlords don’t want to end up in court either, so they may be flexible.

If your landlord’s at fault…

Review your rights and make sure you are legally protected from any action your landlord is trying to take. Again, sit down with your landlord to try to figure out a workable solution before taking any legal action. If your landlord won’t comply, consider finding legal assistance to help bring your case to the best possible end.

If you’ve had a dispute with a landlord in the past, it pays to check your rental history before you begin your search for housing. By knowing what potential landlords will see on your report, you can work to explain and clarify your situation, or even try to get past incidents removed from your record.